Shopify Custom Order Status

Statusy is a custom status app that allows you to create custom statuses for your orders. You have the option to have automated notifications for your status as well.

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Shopify Custom Order Status

What features can I expect?

Optional Notifications

Provide the best customer service you can and alert your customers about changes to their orders.

Full History

Statusy logs your full status change history as well as email openings and link clicks.

Customizable Templates

Easily customize the Statuses and Status Email Notifications to your likings. Or save time and use one of our premade templates.

Easy Integration

No installation needed. Statusy integrates into the existing Shopify Orders Admin page as well as the Order Status page for your customers.

Create custom order statuses with full Shopify integration

Statusy is about simplicity. Keep your customers up to date, without having to change your current process.

Free to install

$2 per every 100 emails used. First 100 emails are free.

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